is one of the more glittering characters in Zurichs music scene and mingling at the frontline as dj, producer and as club owner. Through his very own style as a producer he caused a stir outside of Switzerland. Kalabrese Debut Album „Rumpelzirkus“is a great piece of music. It rumbles and works the funk organically and song oriented and recevied good reviews in the independent dance-scene all around the world. For the last two years, Kalabrese and his Rumpelorchestra toured through clubs and festivals (e.g. Sonar 08 and Mutek 07, transmediale berlin, electrowave florence, bukarest) all around the world.

As a kid, Kalabrese, aka Sacha Winkler, raided his parents record collection, cottoning onto the sounds of Hendrix, Coltrane and Zappa before eventually picking up the sticks and drumming along to his heroes. Later as the drummer in hip hop collective Sendak, Winkler released two longplayers and toured Switzerland in the early nineties before striking out on his own as DJ and producer Kalabrese, releasing a handful of electronic 12″s with kooky vocals on label such as Stattmusik and Perlon including the romantic
Chinese take-away song ’73 Chicken Fried Rice‘. These first EPs created a major impact and were quickly followed by imposing remixes for artists like Richard Dorfmeister (Tosca), dOP, Kate Max, Idjut Boys, Soulphiction, Trucillo and many more,

Overview of Kalabreses releases & remix works:

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Over the few past years, Kalabrese has put major emphasis into his dj set.

Listen here to a live DJ-Mix by Kalabrese recorded at Zukunft (Zurich):

Packed with treasures, the journey takes in African music, passing funk, disco, early house, techno and ends in the present. Whatever the platform is, the joy for music, or the fact to go crazy on it, make his DJ-sets characteristic and unique. Over the past seven
years, Kalabrese has run the club “Zukunft” in his home of Zurich, a unique club with an emphasis on the love of music and good people.